Our sophisticated heat load calculation software gives accurate cooling, heating and air flow requirements from the General arrangement drawings. The software has been developed with inputs from Carrier and the calculations are accepted as industry standard worldwide.


All Ventilation air flow calculations are done as per Class rules to ensure sufficient air changes in each compartment. The calculations also reflect the fan capacity selections along with static pressure details.

Engine room airflow calculations form the most critical component of the ventilation system and are done strictly as per IS rules. The air flow requirements incorporate breathing air for the engines as well as to cater the heat emissions from various motors in the Engine room. We ensure adequate airflow requirements to keep the engine room temperature below 50 deg C.

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Schematic line diagrams indicating all components in the system along with field connections for an easy on site installation job. The P& I also will serve the onboard staff for any quick trouble shooting in the future.

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Our detailed Duct layout drawings include all duct sizing, all components like fire dampers, non return valves etc along with air flow and air changes in each compartment. These drawings may be also be used for class submittals and approvals.