5F and 09RH Water-cooled Condensers

Carrier Transicold 5F and 09RH water-cooled condensers help provide Comfortable air conditioning for your crew or refrigeration for your cargo Wherever you're bound.

Refrigerants: 134A, 404A, 407C

Cooling Capacities: 5-200 tons ( 17.6-703.4 kW )

Choose 5F for small load applications, 09RH for medium to heavy Loads. Non-ferrous integral finned tubes. Bell mouth ends. Removable heads on Shell-and-tube models. Spring-loaded pressure relief valves or frangible discs as Safety devices. Models 5F20 and 30:90/10 copper-nickel tubes, steel shell. Models 5F40, 5F60, and 09RH: 90/10 copper-nickel tubes and tube sheets. Double liquid outlet drains. 09RH shown.