Upon request, we will carry out on board feasibility studies and prepare a preliminary report to help the client decide on an optimum HVAC system. We will also take necessary onsite measurements for further detailed analysis by our engineering team.


We carry out detailed engineering & design from your data and will provide with heat load calculations, layout diagrams etc. A snap shot of our activities listed in the engineering section

Based on our engineering & design, we will select the most appropriate and power efficient equipments for our clients. Our sourcing comes primarily from Carrier Marine Systems Group along with our various other vendors from across the world who are themselves the leaders in equipment manufacturing.


We carry out complete turnkey installation and commissioning of our equipments to give you a hassle free experience and a single contact for HVAC related items. Our services also include standalone commissioning where the client decides to install equipment inhouse

All equipment supplied by us carries a 1 year warranty and we will be happy to send our technicians to your works to carry out any break down service. In future we will also service you with necessary spare parts for our systems.