Fan Coil Unit
42 D Ducted Fan-Coil Unit

Capacities: 600-2,000 cfm ( 283.1-943.8 L/s )

Features: Heavy gage galvanized steel. Uses minimum space. Quiet operation. Fully insulated cabinet to muffle noise sound direct - drive, forward - curved fan. Easy access. Insulated condensate pans. Select 3,4,5 or 6 row coils. For 2,3 or 4-pipe system. 42D shown

42B System Fan-Coil Unit

Capacities: 800-4,000 cfm ( 377.5-1, 887.6 L/s )

Features: Heavy gage cold rolled or galvanized steel. Removable side panels. Fully insulated to muffle noise and prevent sweating. Belt-driven, adjustable motor. Single or 3-phase motors standard from 1/6 to 2 hp ( .124 to 1.49 kW ). Select 4 or 6 row cooling coils. Forward-curved, centrifugal, double-inlet fan wheels.