06D & 06E Compressos

Refrigerants: 134A, 404A, 407C

Refrigerants: 5-40 tons ( 17.6-140.6 kW )

Features: Easily serviceable, compact, lightweight 18-99 cfm hermetic compressors for air conditioning or refrigeration with water-cooled, air-cooled, or evaporative condensers. Ideal for replacement applications. Dynamically balanced moving parts for quiet operation and long life. 06D shown.

  • 19XR Centrifugal Chillers

    High capacity and Maximum Efficiency with R-22 and R134 a refrigerants

    Most technologically advanced centrifugal chillers for shipboard duty. Compact modular design, high efficiency, trouble free operation, and a choice of environmentally responsive refrigerants add to the exceptional versatility of every carrier 90 CM chiller.

    Superior quality and reliability for long-life operation.

    High performance, high efficiency.
    High capacity, 200 to 520 ton (700 to 1,830 kW).
    Semi-hermetic design for maximum system reliability.
    Automatic self diagnostic operation for safety and easier servicing.
    Small footprint. Up to 35% more compact than conventional chillers.
    Microprocessor controls maximize unattended unit operation. Simplified integration with ship's control systems. Compatible with carrier advanced air-quality improvement product, such as heat recovery devices and smoke and fume filtration systems.
    Modular design facilitates chiller disassembly/reassembly for installation in extremely tight spaces. Ideal for ship retrofit programs.
    Worldwide service and parts support.